2021 – Ohmstudio Lives !!!

Ohmstudio Windows 32 bit NEW offline/local client
FREE from Ohmforce !
Public Availability Scheduled for August 1st, 2021

No promises on this part, but highly likely …
Ohmforce will continue to fund/operate Ohmstudio Online service through end of 2021 !
(possibly longer, futures beyond this for online are being planned now)

Features/Fixes to the Offline Local Client
– All Ohmforce Plugins included for FREE !
  will only work in Ohmstudio Client (new OhmBoyz Infinity not included)

– 24 bit record and WAV export running online or offline

– Offline Local Mode identity matches Online Mode
  (allowing you access to your private tracks locally for downloaded projects)

– Documentation for offline features, installation, work-arounds for bugs, etc.

Open Source, COhmUnity Ownership under serious consideration – decision to be made soon !
– for the entire Ohmstudio Application – Client/Server/Website and Flip DB,

Ohmforce conducting business analysis/assessment – results TBD, stay tuned !

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About Ohm Studio …

Commented out for Xmas and first two weeks of January while we still have hope 🙂

World is a Bucket





Peace !