Bob Peele (drumaholic)
Percussion, Drums
Hi all, My name is Bob Peele and I'm from Brisbane Australia
I'm a drummer with lots of experience.

I play and teach professionally, and I have a small studio with lots of drums in it. I love collaborating on original music projects, and composing the drum and percussion tracks. I play for the music, and always try to find the pocket.

Watch this to see how I feel about Ohmstudio

My YouTube Channel
Brisbane Drummer Web Site
Brisbane Drummer Facebook Page
Soundcloud - Ohmstudio Sessions

Equipment List:,
I have a TD30 and an Acoustic Kit, and a selection of world percussion instruments.
Stereo or multitrack recording options.
Dave Fowler (drycamplaptop)
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukelele, Banjo
I grew up in Nebraska and after a summer camp experience got hooked on acoustic guitar. I’ve always leaned toward singer/songwriter songs and have written quite a few along the way. Cut my musical chops playing John Denver, James Taylor, and any other song that struck my fancy.

I’ve done mostly solo performing, but in recent years have played quite a bit with people who do country and bluegrass. A “cheap” computer interface has made collaboration not only possible but silly not to do.
I play acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, ukelele, and banjo (but not well enough to be allowed in the house.)
I think the collaboration on OHM is the best on the web.

These days I perform mostly for church and community functions, and host a monthly jam session at my church. My next “gig” is an ice cream social. 🙂 Then I think… a fish fry.
Peter Haas (smokedfusion)
Guitar, Lyricist/Vocals, Bass, Mixing, Recording Tech, Music Theory
Hi !

My name is Peter Haas and I am a musician from Tennessee.

I am an audio technology graduate and I like to jam and try new styles/ideas.

I mostly play by ear. Hoping to find I like to jam and try new styles/ideas. I mostly play by ear and know a little music theory. Hoping to find serious musicians to team up with for projects.

Found Ohmstudio a couple of years ago and really love the collaboration with people from different cultures and different parts of the world. Proud to be a member of the ohmpeace band to help champion a noble cause of promoting peace in our world and saving mother earth.

I look forward to collaborating with some serious musicians to team up with for projects.

Peace !

You can listen to some of my music compositions and collaborations here.

Soundcloud Page

Wilhelm Kampmann (Wilhelm)
By day I am a pediatrician and I play keyboards with the Maries Heartbreak Orchestra (MHO) which is made up of medical staff who usually work in hospitals. We do cover songs from AC/DC to Lionel Richie. This ranges from Hard Rock to Kuschel-Soul playing without digital support.
Lance Moule (Lance_the_sound_guy)
Guitar, Bass, Drums, and more - Audio Engineer
Hi !

My name is Lance Moule and I am a professional audio engineer and DJ from Melbourne Australia.

Glad to be a part of the Ohm Peace Band and support such a good cause and mission.

Look me up on and feel free to join one of my public projects.

Peace !

Daniel Hauser (Lisoph)
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums
Hi, I am a hobbyist musician from Austria. I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, and some keys,

I discovered Ohmstudio not too long ago and have found it to be a welcoming place for musicians of all skill levels. Lots of fun too !

Equipment List:

Guitar #1: Gibson SG Standard 2016 HP HC
Guitar #2: Charvel Pro Mod SD1 2H FR SO
Bass: Ibanez SR1206 (6 string)
Audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
Guitar amp: Kemper
Bass amp: Kemper or direct active pickup output though a EQ and compressor
Ernest J. Walker (midiman)
Keyboards. Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Hi !

My name is Ernest Walker and I am a musician from the great state of Georgia.

I discovered ohmstudio a few years back and have really enjoyed the collaborations and the commradry of the community.

Its a great place to meet musicians from all over the world and the best part is you can do it whenever you want, there's always somebody online ready to make a song ! I am glad to be part of the Ohm Peace Band and I hope you enjoy my song peace street.

I look forward to hooking up with you on ohmstudio to make some music !

All My Best - Peace !
Jamie Campbell (Jamie57lp)
Guitars, Bass, Drums
Hi, My name is Jamie Campbell and I am from New Jersey, US.

I am a professional musician, audio engineer, and instructor for guitar, bass guitar, music theory/composition, and recording. For the past two decades, I've recorded local artists in my home studio and provide music lessons in guitar, drums, bass, and electronic dance music (EDM). I come from a musical family, my mom always had a piano and she was always playing it. At 11, I bought a guitar from a little job I had, my brothers also got a bass and a Farfisa organ. We’ve been in and out of groups together for all our lives along with weekly wild jams. Started performing at 15 playing clubs 3 nights a week. I was in and out of cover bands, original bands, country bands, wedding bands, coffee houses. I’ve played in low down bars to plush social events, even senior citizen homes. My wife and I still perform as a duo locally.

I discovered Ohmstudio more than 10 years ago and I am a huge ohmstudio advocate and supporter ! Ohmstudio enables anyone to experience real time music collaboration over the internet and to be exposed to and learn about different styles of music, different cultures, and interact with musicians of all skill levels and styles worldwide.

I am glad to participate in the Ohm Peace Band project doing something positive for those less fortunate and the environment and collaborating with like minded musicians from all over the world to do the same. Makes the world a nicer, smaller place and its fun !

My major influences are everything musical that is played with passion. If I had to narrow it down, Jeff Beck, Ravi Shankar, and Captain Beefheart, and ofcourse... the great Les Paul !
You can find some of my music compositions and collaborations here
Soundcloud Page

Check out this Tech Republic article about Ohmstudio
Tech Republic Article

Here are several youtube tutorials for Ohmstudio
Ohmstudio Tutorials

Gear List:
PC - w7 2 MOTU 828s16 channels A/D - firewire several guitars and basses / Pearl drums lots of good mics and bad mics
François Vingrief (GraioufProd)
Guitar, Keyboards
I have always loved all kinds of music and listened to music from when I was very young. My father put music on at home from morning to night !!! I have made pedals with 12ax7 valves and some amps including my little "Graiouf Red Valve Terror" ... My inspirations range from Pink Floyd to Joe Satriani, including Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Supertramp, Mike Olfield, Rolling Stones, etc ...
Che Padova
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums
Je ne suis pas vraiment musicien: je ne joue pas de la musique, je joue avec la musique, et, d'aventure les musiques jouent avec moi, le plus souvent en se jouant de moi. Je suis dans Ohm depuis quasiment le début. C'est un incroyable outil pour les esprits ouverts. Le respect permanent qui accompagne les collaborations sont un exemple de micro société harmonieuse. Certains sont des fondations pour les titres, d'autres viennent les compléter à leur façon. Les solitaires ne le sont plus, nous nous rions des distances continentales. Nous jouons vers notre monde. Alors il a été logique que cet élan aille aussi aider ceux qui sont dans le besoin. Ici c'est par exemple l'UNICEF. Nos inspirations deviennent plus utiles: LES ENFANTS SONT SACRES ! I am not exactly a musician: i do not "play music", i play with music, and at the same time, the music seems to play with me. I have been on ohmstudio since its beginning. Ohmstudio is an incredible tool for open minded. The respectful collaborations are an example for a peaceful harmonious society. Musicians are sometimes foundations, or sometimes complements in the titles. We are not alone now, but go toward the world, we laugh about intercontinental distances. So logically our musics had to go to help those who need, here for example UNICEF. our inspirations become more useful. Children are Sacred !!
Eemeli Miettinen (Kalastelija)
Guitar, Lyrics/Vocals, Bass, Keyboard

Hi !

My name is Eemeli Miettinen and I´m from Kuopio, Finland.

I started playing guitar 5 years ago and over the years I´ve bought many other instruments. So i mostly play guitar but there´s drums, bass, keys, singing and ewi where i try to improve my skills too.

When i want to make some music i just open ohm studio and hit the record button. Glad to be a member of the ohmpeace band !

You can listen to some of my other songs here
Kalastelija's Soundcloud Page

gear list
ESP LTD M-100FM, Yamaha apx 500 II, yamaha ntx700(nylon), blues harp A, Munkers Minor 13b b-standard tuning, recorder alto and tenor, BB 424x, akai advance49, akai EWI5000
Ryan Deimler (Notme)
Guitar, Lyrics/Vocals, Bass
Hi !

My name if Ryan Deimler and I am a musician from Colorado.

Glad to be a member of the Ohm Peace Band !

No Labels.

Through the tree's there is a clearing..
Surround yourself with those who lift you up...
Never be limited by the negative....
Balance the Chaos...... ;]

Gear List
rode line 6 prs roland I usually always need Bass ;]
David Johan (distilledspirits)
Guitars, Bass, Drum Vst's

Hi - I'm David Johan and I play guitar.

I am a professional musician and leader/cofounder of the heavy metal band - DistilledSpirits.

Found Ohmstudio a few years ago. Very cool making songs with people from everywhere !

Nothing else like it out there for making music, great musicians, great people too.

Lead Guitarist / Co founder of the band Distilled Spirits. Orange County, Ca. ASCAP Member, Session Musician, Hit Track Records/ Hit Track Studio's, Song Writer, Bipping Inc.

My Facebook Page
Distilled Spirits Band - Facebook Page
Distilled Spirits Itunes Store
Distilled Spirits Band - ReverbNation Page

Line 6 HD Pro / Pro Tools 11 Rake / Line 6 pod farm / line 6 vetta 11 Ohm / Mix Pad / Pro tools / EZ Mix 2 , M- Audio, Fender Bass, BC Rich Guitar Blue Purple Sun Stealth, American Made 82. Jackson American Made 83 and more.
Frédéric Bogaert (BOGGY)
Keyboard, VST’s
Hello everyone, my name is Frédéric Bogaert , and I am a keyboardist from France.

I was born in 1973 and I have been playing keyboard since age of 16.

I like to play many different styles of music. My musical influences started with Electronic music (J-M Jarre, Vangelis, …) and after became Pop/Rock (Phil Collins, Queen, Van Halen, Toto, Satriani…). Now I’m a big fan of Metal/Rock Prog/Metal Symphonic music (Dream Theater, Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Nightwish, Within Temptation…)

I have played in many bands covering all the above styles and I’m presently in a band composed by 7 members, covering Funk music (Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson, George Duke, Kool And The Gang, Jamiroquai, Bruno Mars…)

I like composing original songs and covering music as well. I enjoy leveraging and mastering the available techniques and technologies using keyboards (Informatic, Programming, VST’s, Mixing, …)

I discovered Ohm Studio back in 2015 and found it to be a great place to meet and collaborate with musicians from all over the world.

Hope to see you soon in an Ohmstudio project.

Peace !

Gear List : Keyboards : Korg Triton, Yamaha MOXF6, Korg 01/W, Roland W-30, Roland JV-1080 Computing : PC, Cubase AI8, Soundcard UR22mkII, Roland UC-33, many VST’s Monitoring : MACKIE 1642VLZ PRO, YAMAHA HS7, DT 770 PRO
Larry Lee (LLEE)
Guitars, Vocals, Lyricist/Writer

My name is Larry Lee and I'm a singer/songwriter living in the Adirondack Mountains of the northeastern United States. I came cross Ohmstudio one day on the internet and making music has never been the same since. I joined the Ohm Peace Band to help those less fortunate by donating my songs for free to help raise money for Children Charities, Disaster Relief, and Saving the Planet (Greenpeace and the like)

I want a safe, healthy and happy life for all children.

Wishing you all, Peace, Love and Ωhm !

Larry is pictured here with one of his children: his daughter Larissa

You can listen to some of Larry's songs here
Larry Lee and the Islanders of Self Soundcloud Page

Marqe Miklosi (Mqe2345)
Synths, Remixing, Delays and panning, EQ, Mastering
Hi ! My name is Mark Miklosi (Mqe2345, marqe). I am a hobbyist musician originally from Hungary.

I live in the United States for numerous years and one evening back in 2012, I was surfing the internet interested in finding other musicians for online, realtime play.

My english was not the best and I wasn't certain what to search for, so I typed 'egyuttmukodes' into google translate, found the word collaboration.

I typed collaboration into google search, and the first hit was Ohmstudio . It was love at first site! 🙂 I have been on Ohmstudio collaborating now with people from all over the world for the past 5 years and I am just as excited about it now as I was when I discovered it!

Great easy to use interface, amazing technology for collaborating in a shared DAW realtime and best of all, the community on ohmstudio - amazing people here.

Glad to be a member of the Ohm Peace Band - Wishing everyone around the world Peace and Harmony!

My specialties are:

Keyboards/Synths - synthesis vst's (love Minimonsta !), Theremin, Vocals, mixing and mastering.
My preferred genres/styles: EDM, RAP, ROCK, HOUSE, TRANCE
My favorite musical influences: Depeche Mode, Queen, Classics.
Ed Montoya (HolographicX )
Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Lyrics, Music Theory, Writing
Hi !

My name is Ed and I am a 57 yr old male musician.

Glad to be a member of the ohmpeace band and Ohmstudio rocks !

You can listen to some of my songs hear
HolographicX Soundcloud Page

Vocalist/Lyricst, Acoustic Guitar
Bonjour !

Mon nom est Nikaule et je suis un auteur-compositeur-interprète de France.

J'écris des chansons et des musiques, dont je fais les arrangements musicaux en MAO.

J'ai récemment trouvé Ohmstudio en ligne et je suis très impressionné par le talent et la communauté amicale des artistes musicaux du monde entier. Je suis honoré de faire partie du Ohm Peace Band! J'ai hâte de rencontrer et de collaborer avec plus de musiciens sur ohmstudio pour faire de super chansons!

Paix !


I am a composer-songwriter. I write songs and music, of which I make the musical arrangements in MAO.

I recently found Ohmstudio online and am very impressed with the talent and friendly community of musical artists from all over the world. I am honored to be a part of the Ohm Peace Band !

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with more musicians on ohmstudio to make great songs !

Peace !

You can watch my videos and listen to more of my songs and collaborations here

My Youtube Channel
My Soundcloud Page
Al Glynn (bigalglynn)
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
I was born and raised in Dublin and played bass and guitar in a few of the many garage bands.

Now based in Sydney Australia for a number of years, I returned to music after a long break away. I was tempted back into it by the advances made in technology, and the opportunity it presented to collaborate with musicians remotely.

My favourite bands/musicians/songwriters are Rush, The Beatles, Steven Wilson, Sting, Eric Woolfson, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd.
Lutz Mehlhorn (sonicadventure)
Hi ! My name is Lutz Mehlhorn and I am a musician from Germany.

I started playing piano in the early seventies. Did not play a while until I joined a reggae band in the late eighties. I founded a progressive rock band in the nineties. I have always made home recording projects, first with 4 track recorders - remember those ? - 🙂 and than with sequencers and computers.

I discovered ohmstudio in 2014 and have been making music of all kinds with all kinds of people from all over the world. its fantastic !

My musical influences are highly varied and include such bands as the Beatles, Steely dan, Crosby,Stills Nash and Young ,Fairport convention, Joni Mitchell, Mumford and Sons, Yes, King Crimson, Dream Theater, Bruce Hornsby, Chick Corea
RHA (RedHotAddy)
Guitars, Drums, Mixing
Hi, my name is RHA and I am a musician from Finland.

I play guitars, bass, and drums. I work for a large oil refining company in Finland whose focus is offering increasingly clean fuel solutions and applications based on renewable raw materials, so I work each day and help to save the planet !

I am very glad to be a member to the Ohm Peace Band to help support the mission of promoting peace in our world and saving the planet with my musical contributions.

I have found like minded spirits here from every part of the world and enjoy collaborating with musicians both learning and teaching others.

Hope to see you on Ohmstudio soon !

Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Mastering, MIDI Prog, Mixing, Recording tech, Vocals, Writing
Self-taught, I like to play in various styles and feels, from classical to funk to jazz to rock to metal music.

I also love playing bass, piano and basically any instrument I can get a hand on and that I can figure out 🙂

Proud Band Member of 'Grooveman & Co', 'The Ohmlettes' , 'Kings of Insanity', and the Ohm Peace Band all on OhmStudio !
Pete Goss (Cpl_Crapper)
Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics, Harmonica, Cajon
First joined a band called "Disraeli Geers" as a bass player in 1967. Sometime in the mid 70's I joined a band called "Dean Gabber and his Gaberdines".

We played pub rock songs taking inspiration from "Dr Feelgood" and "Ian Dury and the Blockheads". That band folded when the guitarist joined XTC. Did not return to music for nearly 40 years.

Discovered On-Line music collaboration with "Ohm Studio" about 3 years ago which re-ignited my love for playing music.
Matthew Sargent (Propain)
Vocals, Lyricist/Poet
Hi, My name is Matthew Sargent and I am a singer/song-writer from Australia.

I discovered ohmstudio on the internet a few years ago and found it to be a great place to allow me to share my poetry and lyrics and bring them to life with others through music.

I started out a bit shy about singing, but received great encouragement, support, and guidance from many musicians from all over the world. Now I am singing my own lyrics as well as writing lyrics for other vocalists. My musical influences are highly varied, I enjoy rap, edm, techno, RnB, rock, metal, punk, funk, pop, blues, reggae, and more. Looking forward to seeing you on Ohmstudio ! Peace !
Herman Dexter (Herman)
Vocals, Guitar, Ukelele, Didgeridoo and other exotic instruments
Mostly lyrics and singing on Ohmstudio.
Also acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, flutes, erhu, didgeridoo, steel tongue drum and other things.
You can listen so some of my songs here
Herman Dexter's Soundcloud Page
Brian Robinson (OneCrazyNutter)
DJ, Mastering, Mixing, Writing
Hi !

My name is OnceCrazyNutter and I am a DJ/musician from the USA

Just love Ohmstudio ! Glad to be a member of the ohmpeace band !

Gear List
PC and many a vst !
Mike Connors (mrwizard2112)
Bass Guitar
The journey started with the punk band called "The Neighbors" with Irockus in the 80's. Since then I have played in all genres of music from punk to jazz. Bass playing and song writing have become my passion. The Naturals, Tom Foutris Great Midwest, Burbon Creek Band, Farcon's Wizard, are just a few of the great acts I have played with.
I was introduced to Ohmstudio by Irockus a couple of years ago. Both of us had been wanting to play music again together, but the physical distance between us made it impossible... until now !
Ohmstudio has not only bridged the gap of distance, but the exposure to so many different cultures, styles of music, and talented musicians, composers, lyricists, and audio engineers has been an education worth its weight in gold. There nothing quite like Ohmstudio. I look forward to logging on each day to see/hear whats new and be a part of this worldwide vibrant and welcoming community of musicians. If you are a musician and you've never tried Ohmstudio, try it out - its free to try - and see for yourself what its like to create music in this unique and wonderful environment. Peace, Love and Ωhm !
Grégory Gayaud (serito94)
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Life is short, Drink Faster !!! Peace !!!!
Sadly, Grégory passed away in March 2017.
He was a brilliant musician, wonderful person, and contributed to many songs on Ohm Studio.
Always keen and happy to help.
He is missed by us all. "Come on baby I love you".
Some songs made in his honor and memory by fellow ohmies
Goodbye My Friend
Bright Star
Ira Miller (Irockus)
Hi, My name is Ira Miller and I am a hobbyist musician from Chicago, IL. Long long ago, in a life time far far away, I was in a garage punk band called "The Neighbors" along with Mike Connors (Mrwizard2112).

Hadn't played for a number of years, and then discovered Ohm Studio which motivated me to play again :).

I play Piano, Rhodes keyboard, Synths, Drums, and a boatload of VST Instruments.

Musical Genre/Prefs: Funk, Rock, Jazz, Punk, Blues and fusions thereof.

Musical influences include The Beatles, E.L.P. Miles Davis , Thelonious Monk, James Brown, the vast majority of Motown, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Lou Reed ... too many to mention.
Jesel Contreras
Singer from the Philippines has a part time gig in Naga city with a lounge band (Life Around Mangrove)
Rosebeth Connors (mrswizard2112)
Instruments: Vocals
I started singing at the age of five and I am a singer for the church ensemble and backup singer for bands that are in need.