Want to Host a Weekend Collaboration Event ?

 You Can !!! 

Just create 4 public projects (more if so desired)
You pick the theme/topic for the event…

1. Name your Projects

Weekend Collab – “Month” “Day” “Year” – Project Number “X”
Describe the project theme in the short description


Weekend Collab – Aug 1 2021 – Project 1
Theme: Ohmstudio 2021 – Its Back !

2. Notify Ohmies of the upcoming event in advance …

* Facebook Ohmstudio User Group Events Page
* Public chat in the Ohmstudio App
* Discord Ohm Refuge Group – general chat
* Send out emails to your friends
* Open an window and shout out the information to random people in the street, etc.

Peace, Love and Ωhm !