About Us

The Ohm Peace Band is a not-for-profit international group of musicians who collaborate online to write and record songs.

Musicians from all over the world work together, in harmony, creating these songs leveraging a unique music application called Ohmstudio.
(for more info click here or visit ohmstudio.com)

We have musicians from:  Australia, Austria, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, Spain,  USA, and more …

Want to join The Ohm Peace Band ?  – You can ! … All are welcome !  

SIgn up for ohmstudio.com (its free), and collaborate with another “ohmie” to make a song
(Instructions on how to submit a song/video can be found  inside Ohmstudio)

We look forward to making music with you on Ohmstudio !

Peace !